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What is Trojan horse virus? What Is a Virus Trojan Horse? A Trojan Horse Virus is a sort of malware that disguises itself as a genuine software and installs into a computer. An attacker often use social engineering to conceal harmful code into legitimate software in an attempt to acquire system access through their program.

What is Class 7 Trojan horse virus? The term Trojan or Trojan horse refers to a kind of computer infection. It is a sort of computer software that is disguised as legitimate software, such as utilities, games, or even antivirus products.

Why is this infection called a Trojan? During the Trojan War, the Greeks hid inside a hollow wooden horse, from whence the Trojans get their name. The Trojans, believing the horse to be a gift, opened their guarded city to receive it, enabling the Greeks to assault the sleeping Trojans while they were in concealment.

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How does Trojan horse virus spread?

A virus is a program that replicates by attaching itself to other software, while a trojan replicates by impersonating valuable software or information. Numerous experts classify spyware programs as trojans since they monitor user activities and transmit logs or data back to the attacker.

What does Trojan mean?

The meaning of Trojan (Entry 1 of 2) The native or resident of Troy. 2: a person who exemplifies the characteristics (such as courage, endurance, and determination) attributed to the defenders of ancient Troy. A companion who is frequently irresponsible or disreputable, but also merry.

What are four instances of the Trojan horse virus?

Exploit. It contains information or code that exploits a flaw in the application software running on your endpoint. Backdoor. Rootkit. Trojan-Banker. Trojan-DDoS. Trojan-Downloader. Trojan-Dropper.

What is Class 12 Trojan horse?

Trojan Horse. Computer Viruses. Malware is a computer software that is disguised as beneficial or innocuous in order to convince the user to install and use it. It is an autonomously reproducing computer software.

What is a Trojan horse in 10th grade computing class?

A trojan horse is a software that masquerades as something benign but performs harmful actions, such as gaining access to your computer or transferring sensitive data to other computers.

What is a Mcq Trojan horse?

Answer: A software concealing harmful functionality.

Who created Trojan horse virus?

According to Fourmilab, computer programmer John Walker created the first Trojan, dubbed ANIMAL, in 1975. However, there is significant controversy as to whether this was a Trojan or just another virus.

What are other names for the Trojan horse?

Computer flaw (noun) computer virus (noun)

Who invented the horse of Troy?

Epeius, a renowned craftsman and boxer, constructed the horse. The Greeks pretended to abandon the fight and sailed to the neighboring island of Tenedos, leaving Sinon behind to convince the Trojans that the horse was a tribute to Athena (the goddess of war) that would render Troy impenetrable.

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Can Trojan malware be removed?

Trojans are not restricted to Windows notebooks and desktops; they may also affect Macs and mobile devices. Malwarebytes for Windows, Malwarebytes for Android, and Malwarebytes for Mac provide Trojan protection for all of your devices.

How can the Trojan horse be stopped?

Never download or install software from a source that you do not fully trust. Never open an attachment or launch a software attached to an email from an unknown sender. Maintain all software on your computer with the most recent fixes. Ensure that an anti-Trojan program is installed and active on your machine.

How do Trojan viruses work?

Trojan viruses operate by exploiting a user’s lack of security awareness and the computer’s lack of security measures, such as antivirus and antimalware software. A Trojan often manifests as an email attachment containing malicious software. The file, application, or software looks to have originated from a reliable source.

What is the difference between a virus and a Trojan horse?

A virus is a harmful executable code that is attached to an innocuous executable file and may change or erase data. Trojan Horse is a kind of malicious software that steals sensitive information from a computer system or computer network. 2.

Are Trojan horses infected with viruses or worms?

Are Trojan horses infected with viruses or worms? Trojans are neither viruses or worms; they are deceptive applications that deceive people into clicking on them. A Trojan lurks inside a software while concealing its harmful intent to launch assaults.

Which horses are renowned Trojans?

CryptoLocker. Ransomware is the most recent kind of malicious software. ILOVEYOU. MyDoom. Tornado Worm Anna Kournikova. Slammer. Stuxnet.

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What is a notable instance of a Trojan?

Emotet, trojan, 2018 In 2018, the United States Department of Homeland Security identified Emotet as one of the most dangerous and destructive forms of malware.

What is the definition of a Trojan horse and what are some examples?

Thus, a Trojan horse is anything that seems harmless but, if accepted, has the ability to injure or destroy, such as a computer application that appears beneficial but corrupts or destroys the machine’s software.

What is Trojan horse Geeksforgeeks?

The name of the Trojan Horse is derived from a famous Trojan War tale. It is malicious code with the ability to seize control of a machine. It is intended to steal, damage, or perform other malicious operations on a computer.

Was the horse of Troy real?

In reality, historians are almost in agreement: the Trojan Horse was a fable, but Troy was a genuine site.

What exactly is a Trojan horse?

Trojan Horse (or Trojan) A malicious software that ostensibly performs a helpful function, but really has detrimental repercussions (e.g., launches a keylogger) – Attributes of the Trojan Horse Typically disguised as a utility tool that promises to make a mundane chore simpler or provide extra features.

What is a PDF Trojan horse?

Trojan horse is a sort of malware that is designed to fool the victim into installing it on his or her personal computers and further infect the system with that malware or provide a backdoor to the attacker.

What do Trojans go by?

In Greek mythology, “Trojans” originally referred to individuals from the city of Troy who fought against the Greeks in the Trojan War. According to legend, the Trojan War occurred during the Bronze Age, hundreds or thousands of years B.C.