What Warrior Cat Am I

Is Fernsong a male or female? Fernsong is a trans woman who chose her own name and is supported by her closest friend, Ivypool, who is a butch lesbian!

Who is the world’s oldest warrior cat? At about 14.6 years old, Mistystar is the series’ oldest known surviving cat.

What are Warrior cat devotees referred to as? Wikimedia Commons has media related to Brightspirit.


Who are the kits of snowbush?

Snowbush is now a warrior, and he and Lilyheart had a litter of kits : Larkkit, Leafkit, and Honeykit.

Who is the mentor of Bristlepaws?

He is now an apprentice called Bristlepaw, under the tutelage of Mistmouse.

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Is firestar a female or a male?

Firestargender is a fictitious transgender-kingender xenogender in the Warrior System in which you identify with the previous ThunderClan commander Firestar. This character and gender may be identified based on his looks, behavior, decisions, and history. This gender is masculine in orientation.

Is firestar still breathing?

As the fourth cat in the prophesy, Firestar fought in the Great Battle and perished as a result of his wounds.

Graystripe is how old?

Graystripe is around 130 moons old at the moment. He was recently apprenticed and roughly 6-7 moons old when he was first mentioned in the literature. Graystripe is a trustworthy and loyal cat, having served as deputy at one time in the series.

Is it true that admiring warrior cats qualifies you as a furry?

As with Zootopia, enjoying Warriors does not inherently make you a furry. Many Warriors fans have “fursonas,” but they are not anthropomorphic animals (as most furry “fursonas” are), but rather are cats with little anthropomorphic characteristics.

Is graystripe considered a leader?

Graystripe serves as interim head of ThunderClan until Bramblestar and Squirrelflight return, at which point he gladly agrees to explore the Dark Forest to assist in stopping Ashfur.

How are RiverClan cats able to swim?

Cats of the RiverClan are averse to adding birds to their fresh-kill pile. Other Clan cats sometimes refer to them as “fish-faces” or “fish-breath.” They are exceptionally powerful swimmers and glide effortlessly through the water. Their quick reflexes assist them in scooping fish off the shore.

What became of Brightheart?

Brightheart mentored Jayfeather briefly before he opted to pursue a career as a medicine cat and subsequently raised Lilyheart and Seedpaw when their mother was slain in combat. She retreated to the elders’ cave with Cloudtail and Brackenfur several moons later.

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Who or what is Hollytuft?

Hollytuft is a female black cat. Hollytuft is a ThunderClan warrior who has served in the lake areas under the leadership of Bramblestar, the imposter, Squirrelflight, Lionblaze, and Graystripe. She was born as Hollykit, among her littermates Fernkit and Sorrelkit, to Lionblaze and Cinderheart.

Who is Lily’s true love?

Lilyheart married Snowbush and had three kits, Larkkit, Leafkit, and Honeykit.

Is there a connection between firestar and bluestar?

Graystripe, Bluestar, and Firestar are all connected!

Bristlefrost possessed kits?

She was born to Ivypool and Fernsong, together with her littermates Flipkit and Thriftkit.

Is Bristlefrost no longer alive?

Bristlefrost dies at the book’s conclusion, sacrificing herself to assassinate Ashfur. Bristlefrost makes a heroic sacrifice of her life and position in StarClan in order to secure Ashfur’s defeat.

Who is the half-brother of Firestar?

Scourge is revealed to be Firestar’s half-brother, since they both share a father in Jake.

Is there a connection between Firestar and graystripe?

Yes! They are connected by Goldenflower… Patchpelt was Graystripe’s father; Goldenflower was his mate; Tigerstar was his mate; Brambleclaw was his son; Squirrelflight was his mate; and Firestar was his father!

How did Firestar become the fourth cat?

When StarClan assured the Three that a fourth cat would come to their help, Firestar resurrected as the prophesied Fourth cat. He encouraged StarClan’s soldiers to fight for the living, eventually devoting his last breath to free the forest from Tigerstar one more time.

Was Spottedleaf equipped with kits?

Spottedleaf is an amber-eyed dark tortoiseshell and white she-cat. Spottedleaf served as a medicine cat in the forest areas under Bluestar’s leadership. Along with her littermates, Redkit and Willowkit, she was born as Spottedkit to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze.

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What became of SkyClan?

The Clan dissolves, with the surviving cats becoming kittypets, rogues, or loners.

What is the warrior’s name Ravenpaw?

Did you know that if Cherith had the ability to transform Ravenpaw into a warrior, she would have given him the name Ravenwing?

What is the warrior’s name for Millie?

Whichever location that may be. Millie is a kittypet who becomes friends with Graystripe, a captive ThunderClan warrior. She develops an interest in Clan life and is taught to hunt and fight by Graystripe. She exhibits her combat abilities by defeating Duke, the local kittypet bully.

What brought Graystripe and Silverstream together?

Silverstream saves Graystripe when he falls into the river inadvertently, and the two begin meeting secretly after falling in love. Graystripe’s companion Fireheart declines to assault Silverstream during a battle, leading Tigerclaw to believe he is a traitor.